Canadian Student Visas: Everything you Need to Know

Going off to university is one of the defining moments in a person’s life. College is a great opportunity to learn a lot about life, learn skills to help you succeed, meet new people, and of course, have some fun. What better place to do all of this than abroad where you can get some experience about another culture?

Many students come to Canada every year because of the reputation of our universities, our natural beauty, and the fun that they can have while being here. It isn’t all fun and games though – you need some official legal paperwork before studying here. So here is everything that you need to know about how to get a Canadian Student Visa.

First off, how do they work?

In order to take courses at an accredited institution of higher learning for more than 6 months, you need to obtain a Canadian Student Permit.  This will allow you to study at the school for the amount of time it takes to complete your course, allow you to work part-time on-campus or at an internship within the program. It is recommended to get one even if you are taking a course that lasts less than 6 months because if you do decide to continue your studies, then you will have to leave and reapply if you don’t have one.

What else should I know?

Obtaining a student working permit can help open new doors for students, as they will definitely help with the process of finding work here if you do choose to stay. Having the legal ability to reside within the country and even work part-time will help you adjust to the beginnings of your adult life here. Also, students will need to show proof of support for themselves while staying here, and the ability to purchase transportation home.

Studying in Canada is a great opportunity, but obtaining legal permits is always a long process. You must make sure you are eligible and have everything you need ready for your application. As a law firm experienced in immigration matters, we can help you untangle the difficult process.