Immigration Application Process

To help our clients get through the immigration bureaucracy, we have provided you with a downloadable pamphlet on the immigration application process.

Here are the steps in our program:

Step 1 – Diagnosis of the Immigration Problem

Sometimes clients know exactly what they need. For example, a client from Canada may want to get hired by a U.S. company and requires a work permit. This can be straight forward. On other occasions, clients don’t have a clear idea of what they need. An initial consultation is required to sort things out. Either way, you speak with one of our attorneys to determine what strategy would best address your immigration needs. Once the matter is discussed, you then make a decision whether you allow us to help you attain your goals.

Step 2 – Legal Services Agreement

Once we have agreed on an immigration strategy, we sign a legal services agreement. The agreement essentially says that the client is hiring the attorney to obtain the relevant immigration benefit, for example, permanent residence in the United States. The agreement summarizes the strategy agreed to, sets out how much it will cost and authorizes the attorney to act on the client’s behalf. The agreement is signed and payment is made by credit card or by check.

Step 3 – Intake Questionnaire

In order to prepare the immigration application, the client is asked to fill in a detailed intake questionnaire to be used by the law office in preparing all the documents. The client is also asked to collect all the documents necessary to be included in the immigration application package.

Step 4 – Preparation and Review of the Application

Once the law office has received the intake questionnaire and copies of all the relevant documents we prepare the preliminary draft of the package to be submitted. In this context, we prepare all the forms, send them to the client for review and correction, and then include them in the package.

Step 5 – Submission of the Application

Once all the forms have been corrected, all the documents collected and copied and all the various job letters or other reference letters obtained the law office compiles the final complete package with an index and tabs to all the relevant sections. Mr. Mirian then undertakes a final review of the submission to ensure everything is complete. We then send the package to the client for final signature and then submit the package to the relevant Immigration Office.

Step 6 – Follow Up and Monitoring Progress

After the submission of the application in time, the documents are reviewed by the Immigration Office. Often certain additions or corrections are requested. For example, a better copy of a birth certificate, or a translation of a document may be needed. Sometimes the Immigration Office indicates that it requires more evidence to support the contentions made in the application. Our office works with you to make these corrections and to get the application back on track to get approved. From time to time we check-in with Immigration and with the client to determine if progress is being made. We do whatever is required to get the visa sought.

Step 7 – Approval and Follow Up

On occasion, applicants are required to go through an interview. In those circumstances, we brief you on what to expect, what might be asked, and how to best respond to questions that are posed. Together with you in a consultation we review the strengths and weaknesses of your application, point out what questions to watch out for, and what problem areas to try to avoid. When appropriate and needed we attend the interview with you. This ensures you never feel like you are alone, adrift at sea, but are always in our care and stewardship.

Once approval is obtained we forward the relevant document to the client and notify him or her of any future requirements that exist regarding the approval. Following the conclusion, from time to time we stay in touch with clients to address any future immigration needs.