The Importance Of Hiring A Lawyer For Your Canadian Work Permit

If you’ve always been interested in immigrating to Canada in order to work, it’s important that you apply for a Canadian work permit. Although filling out an application sounds easy enough, people often make mistakes on their applications, don’t understand the terms of them, or aren’t sure where to start. It’s always wise to seek the help of a professional when looking to move to a new country.

There are two routes one can take when applying to work in Canada. The first is to apply for a temporary visa and the second is to apply for a permanent resident permit. A lawyer can advise you on the correct route, depending on your circumstances and goals once in the country.

They will be able to give further information about the requirements for immigration, the documentation, prerequisites and experience required in order to obtain a permit. An immigration lawyer has up to date knowledge of the complicated and ever-changing legislature related to work permits.

They’ll also know the likelihood of you being granted your work permit based on which criteria you meet, ultimately preventing you from spending time and money on an application that’s unlikely to succeed.

Hiring a lawyer will help speed up the process of the application while ensuring that all documentation and paperwork is in order, preventing most complications from arising. They can prepare submissions in order to expedite the issue of a work permit and they will also be able to strongly defend your rights and interests should a problem crop up.

It’s important to have the right lawyer when immigrating to Canada, and it’s important to know that whichever lawyer you choose is a competent one. If you’re looking to an experienced Canadian immigration lawyer, then be sure to check out the experts at the Mirian Law Firm. To book a free consultation today, contact us via our website form or call 1-844-888-8864.