Personal Injury Incidents: How Are Damages Calculated?

Being involved in a personal injury incident and its aftermath is very stressful on all parties. The litigation that follows is never fun, but is absolutely necessary for a fair resolution to the problem. Often, when someone is injured, they are entitled to damages. The court tries to compensate the person for all damages and losses. Determining how those damages are calculated can be quite difficult, but there is reason to the rhyme. Here is how most damages are computed. …

Do You Qualify for the US Visa Lottery?

The Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery, also known as the green card lottery, is an annual event where 50,000 applicants are selected at random to be given the right to work and reside in the United States of America.
Sponsored by the US government, this card gives the rights of residency to the winners and their dependents. This program is not open to residents of all countries, however. Even though the program is meant to do its best to help people, …

The 5 Most Common Auto Accidents in Canada

Approximately 160,000 car accidents are reported in Canada annually, including many fatal accidents. While driving in Canada seems to be much safer than driving in other countries (even the United States), there are still a wide variety of risks associated with driving. No matter where you’re located, you still must be aware of the risks of personal injury in a motor vehicle accident.
There are five accidents that happen much more often than other types of accidents in most automotive accident situations:

  1. Low Speed/ Glancing Impacts

Car accidents happen at all speeds, …

Things To Consider Before Pursuing Action For A Dog Bite Injury

While dogs are often labeled as man’s best friend, it’s unfortunately not always the case. Some dogs can be vicious and pose threats to the safety of people, while others may act out and bite an individual due to unforeseen circumstances or stress.
Regardless of why a dog bites, it’s crucial that the victim understands their rights before choosing to pursue legal action for a dog bite.
When a person is bitten, they need to seek medical care right away. …

The Importance Of Pursuing Action In A Slip And Fall Accident

If you’ve ever been involved in a slip and fall accident, then you’ve probably wondered if it was worth pursuing action in court if you were injured as a result of it. Although most people are inclined to say no, the answer should always be yes.
Although slipping and falling may not seem like a big deal at the time, there can be serious consequences from it. While many people only consider taking action if they’ve broken bones, …

Why You Should Always Hire an Immigration Lawyer When Moving To The United States

If you’re looking to move to United States then you know that the application process is not only lengthy, but it can be downright stressful. With so many requirements, laws, red tape procedures, not to mention mounds of paperwork, immigration to the U.S. can seem nearly impossible.
But you’re prepared to put in the hard work and fulfill your dream of moving to the United States… except you don’t know where to start.
This is why hiring a U.S.

The Importance Of Hiring A Lawyer For Your Canadian Work Permit

If you’ve always been interested in immigrating to Canada in order to work, it’s important that you apply for a Canadian work permit. Although filling out an application sounds easy enough, people often make mistakes on their applications, don’t understand the terms of them, or aren’t sure where to start. It’s always wise to seek the help of a professional when looking to move to a new country.
There are two routes one can take when applying to work in Canada. …

Why You Should Hire a Lawyer for Immigration to Canada

There are a number of issues you may face when attempting to immigrate to Canada. While there are a number of consultants that can assist with this process, it’s a better idea to hire a lawyer. This is because Canadian Immigration lawyers have to have reach a higher education level, pass a rigorous licensing process, maintain insurance and adhere to strict standards and regulations. Put simply, an attorney is better prepared to help you with common immigration issues. …

The Different Paths to U.S. Permanent Residency

The United States has been a hub for foreign immigration for a number of years. While it may be a popular place for immigrants to come to, obtaining U.S. permanent residency is not necessarily an easy process. In most cases, hiring a U.S. immigration lawyer to guide you through your options will be highly beneficial.
The permanent residency card for the United States is informally known as a “Green Card.” In general terms, some of the primary ways that you can obtain a Green Card are highlighted below. …


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