RBC Disability Denial Lawyers in Toronto

An RBC disability denial lawyer in Toronto can help you fight back against wrongful denials.

If you have fallen ill or become injured and are going to need to take some time off of work to fully recover from your disabling condition, you likely will file a claim for the disability benefits you purchased through your RBC insurer.

Unfortunately, many claimants are met with a swift denial, despite the fact that they have medical documentation that supports their disability and inability to continue to work. When you are facing a wrongfully denied claim and aren’t sure where to turn, consult with a lawyer for RBC disability denial in Toronto at our firm to have your questions answered.

Qualifying for Disability Benefits with RBC

To be eligible for disability insurance benefits through RBC in Toronto, you must meet specific criteria. Although these requirements will vary based on the type of plan you purchased, you’ll likely need to demonstrate that your physician has determined that you are currently unable to work and will need to have your income replaced while out of work so you can continue to support yourself.

In addition, you will need to have been working a minimum of thirty hours each week in order to qualify for your benefits. The benefit period will depend on which plan you enrolled in, with some offering coverage for up to ten years or through the age of sixty-five.

What to Expect from Your Benefits

When you enrolled in your plan, you were given the option of how much you wanted your monthly benefit amount to be. Plans begin at $500 each month and go up to as much as 75 per cent of your gross monthly income.

The amount you signed up for will be what you receive for benefits once approved. These benefits are tax-free and will be dispersed until you are cleared by your physician to return to work or until you reach the maximum time period allotted in the specifics of the plan you chose.

Your lawyer for RBC disability denials in Toronto can help you understand the picky details of your policy as you move forward with your claim.

All About Appeals

When you file your claim for benefits, there is a high probability that, at least initially, your claim will be denied. Disability insurers are notorious for denying claims without fully reviewing the provided documentation in the hope of avoiding paying out on claims that would minimize their profit margins.

If you receive such denial, we will begin by negotiating with the insurance adjuster to determine the reason behind your denied RBC disability claim. Then, we will attempt to reverse the decision by answering any questions they may have, providing any additional supporting documents, and correcting any paperwork issues there might’ve been.

In the event that RBC is steadfast in the denial, your Toronto disability lawyer will move forward with your appeal or bring your case in front of a court that won’t have RBC’s financial interests in mind when rendering a decision as to whether you are a deserving claimant.

Call a Lawyer for RBC Disability Benefits in Toronto

In your time of need, the last thing you need to be dealing with is a wrongful denial that can interfere with your ability to support yourself while you’re unable to earn a living.

At Mirian Law Firm, you’ll find a lawyer for RBC disability denial in Toronto who can help you obtain the benefits you’re entitled to as quickly as possible. Schedule your free case assessment here, or call us at 647-556-5888.