Dog Bite Attack Lawyers

Getting attacked and bitten by a man’s best friend is often an unexpected and unfortunate occurrence that can lead to a lot of physical and psychological repercussions. While, for the most part, dog bites can heal relatively quickly, a particularly heinous attack can leave you recovering for a long time and even put you at risk for potential diseases.

Dog owners aren’t always liable for the actions of their pets when they encounter strangers. Sometimes, dogs act out because they feel threatened or scared. However, it’s the responsibility of the owner to take necessary precautions, such as keeping their dogs on a leash when going out for walks, to try to prevent accidents from happening. If someone’s canine attacked you, then our personal injury lawyers at Mirian Law Firm can help you get the dog bite injury compensation you deserve.

Reporting Dog Bites in Ontario

Reporting a dog bite or attack in Ontario is a fairly straightforward process, but first, you need to make sure you get the proper medical care to help heal the wound. Next, you should contact the local authorities in your area and file a report at the police station closest to where the attack took place.

Certain jurisdictions in Ontario have specific local animal attack numbers you can call to report these types of incidents, so be sure to find the right one in the area where you were injured.

Ontario Dog Bite Settlements

In the event that you sustain a dog bite injury in Ontario, you’re not required to prove the owner’s negligence or wrongdoing in this case. The owner is automatically considered liable if the dog attacks you.

That being said, the court system will still take the time to closely examine the case and try to determine the exact circumstances of the attack, and that means that proving fault could still be important.

The Ontario Dog Owners’ Liability Act states that “The owner of a dog is liable for damages resulting from a bite or attack by the dog on another person or domestic animal.”

It also states that “The liability of the owner does not depend upon knowledge of the propensity of the dog or fault or negligence on the part of the owner.”

Basically, this means that even if the owner hasn’t acted negligently in the event of an attack or was unaware of the dog’s aggressive nature, they’re still legally liable to cover the damages caused by the attack.

Dog bite settlements in Ontario vary depending on the exact nature of the case, so it’s hard to predict what the outcome will be without fully evaluating your specific case.

However, we can say this: dog bite cases rarely ever make it to court and are usually successfully negotiated and settled privately.

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