Fire Insurance Claim Denial Lawyers in Toronto

Whether you have lost your home or business to a fire, the emotional and financial devastation of having to rebuild or repair an important aspect of your life can be substantial. And having your fire insurance claim unexpectedly and unjustifiably denied by your insurance provider is like adding insult to injury.

Unfortunately in these types of circumstances, insurance companies generally have one main objective: to try to minimize the amount of insurance claim payouts as much as possible. Oftentimes, claims adjusters are inclined to automatically deny a claim just to help save their company a little bit of money even if the policyholder is actually entitled to some form of compensation. Alternatively, they might even try to find loopholes within your policy to reduce the compensation amount you’re entitled to receive.

Essentially, insurance companies can sometimes try to take advantage of this extremely stressful and vulnerable situation. With the help of an experienced insurance lawyer in Toronto like the legal team at Mirian Law Firm, you can better navigate this trying time and fight to get the compensation you deserve.

Why Do Insurance Companies Deny Fire Insurance Claims?

There are a number of perfectly valid reasons why your insurance provider might deny your fire insurance claim. By definition, insurance companies are required to act in good faith to help their clients get through this unprecedented and extremely difficult situation. Basically this means that if your claim is denied, the insurance company must provide you with a legally sound and detailed explanation for doing so.

In some cases, it could be the result of a clerical error, accidentally providing inaccurate information, or missing documentation. If that’s the case, then the issue can easily be rectified by providing the necessary or missing information and refilling your claim.

The most common reason why certain fire insurance claims are denied, however, is because the circumstances of the fire (i.e. arson) are excluded from the terms outlined in your policy. Every case is unique and complex and must, therefore, be carefully assessed and run through with a fine-toothed comb to guarantee that no mistakes were made during the initial investigation.

When Insurance Companies Act in Bad Faith

As mentioned, sometimes insurance companies act in bad faith in an attempt to minimize their financial losses. Some insurance providers only see their clients as numbers instead of people.  From misrepresenting case facts and purposely delaying payments or refusing to provide a palpable reason for fire insurance claim denial to flat out refusing to justifiably settle your claim in a timely manner; insurance companies will go to great lengths to save a buck of they think they can get away with it.

Fire Insurance Claim Denied? We Can Help!

Mirian Law Firm is dedicated to helping our clients in Toronto and the GTA fully comprehend their residential and commercial property policies. Our insurance lawyers will take the time to thoroughly review your existing policy, go over your case with you, and negotiate directly with your insurance provider on your behalf. Contact us today!