Flood Insurance Claim Denial Lawyers in Toronto

For decades, the concept of flood insurance has confounded many residential and commercial property owners in Ontario. Is it really necessary to have flood insurance for your home or business (or both)? How do you know if certain water damage caused by flooding will be covered by your existing insurance policy? The answers to these questions depend on a number of mitigating factors including:

  • the regional location of your property (i.e. high vs. low flood risk zones)
  • annual precipitation rates (climate and climate change patterns in your region)
  • federal, provincial, and territorial legal mandates
  • the terms and conditions outline within your structural insurance policy

Keep in mind that while some provinces, territories, and jurisdictions might legally require you to have some form of flood insurance for your home or business, this is typically not a standard policy inclusion. Rather, it’s an add-on that will increase your monthly premiums.

Of course, it’s always better to have a strong contingency plan in place in light of unforeseen and potentially financially devastating events such as natural disasters or structural damages that may occur.

Overland Flood Insurance in Ontario

With over 250,000 major and minor bodies of water, Ontario houses approximately one-fifth of the global freshwater supply and about 9 million people live within Lake Ontario’s watershed. That means that all of those people have properties within a close radius to a major body of water.

Due to inevitable climate change, the rising and lowering of the tides, and increasing levels of annual precipitation in certain parts of the province; Ontario insurance companies officially introduced overland flood protection.

Overland flooding is typically caused by the overflowing of various bodies of water or excessive water runoff as a result of rainfall or melting snow and ice. Of course, unpredictable severe weather conditions such as the infamous heavy rainfall that flooded most of Toronto in 2013 are also a culprit.

Overland flood insurance helps protect your property in the event of an unpredictable natural disaster or weather event. Considering that the majority of insurance claims are flood or water damage related, it’s certainly worth looking into.

What If Your Flood Insurance Claim is Denied?

Insurance companies reserve the right to deny any claims that do not fit within their policy agreements. Sometimes, they even automatically deny claims that are covered by their policies in the hopes that policyholders won’t contest their flood insurance claim denial.

Before you file a flood insurance claim, you should carefully assess the damage your property has incurred and have an insurance lawyer in Toronto review your policy to ensure that you are entitled to coverage.

Even if you have already filed a flood insurance claim that was denied for any reason, you may be able to appeal your case.

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