Long-Term Disability Lawyers Toronto

Whether your disability is expected to be short- or long-term, you deserve all the benefits your policy offers. Get your claim approved for maximum benefits with the help of an experienced disability lawyer in Toronto.

Disability insurance is supposed to be there for you when a disability prevents you from working and earning an income. Unfortunately, thousands of Canadians have their disability benefits denied every year, often for reasons that either don’t make sense or just aren’t valid.

Have a Long-term Disability Lawyer on Your Side!

Getting a denial overturned and maximizing your disability benefits is absolutely critical for your future well-being. Without the necessary benefits, you’ll still be unable to work and likely won’t have any way to pay the bills and ensure your continued standard of living.

A Toronto disability lawyer from Mirian Law Firm Law can help you bring your disability claim to a successful conclusion. We understand how to challenge a disability denial, and we know how to give our clients the best chance at getting the most from their policy.

Common reasons Insurance Denies Long-term Disability Coverage

There are many reasons a disability insurance may be denied. listed below are just a few of the reasons insurers commonly use to justify denied claims:

  • Do not meet definition of disability
  • Provided insufficient medial documents.
  • Technical errors on the disability claim form
  • Insurer misinterpreted something in your medical documentation
  • Insurer claims you misrepresented your medical history when first applying for a policy
  • Insurer claims that because you can perform an activity (e.g., working out), you must not actually be disabled

If your disability claim has been denied, a Toronto disability claim lawyer from our firm will be able to help you appeal the denial or commence a claim and give you the best chance for ultimately receiving the benefits you’re entitled to.

Reach Out to a Long-Term Disability Lawyer in Toronto, Ontario

If your disability claim has been denied, our disability denial lawyers at Mirian Law Firm is here to help you file an appeal and prove your need for LTD benefits. Our firm will work to obtain the full benefits you are entitled to.

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