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Collateral Benefit Deductions

Collateral Benefit Deductions
What are Collateral Benefits and How Are They Related to the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedules?
In Ontario, all insurance providers of automobile insurance coverages are required to provide accident benefits to the insured party by way of the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedules (SABS). The SABS is a form of no-fault insurance coverage. It is mandatory and included in all standard auto insurance policies within the province. These benefits are regulated under the Ontario Insurance Act and have been put in place by the Ontario government in order to help the insured party pay for out-of-pocket injury-related expenses such as health costs not covered by OHIP, …

How Do You Tell Your Insurance Benefits Are Being Unfairly Denied?

If your insurance company denies your benefits, do not automatically assume they have done so correctly and fairly. Insurance companies often unfairly deny benefits claims in order to protect and bolster their profits. At the end of the day, an insurance company’s first priority is turning a profit. Insurance companies have been known to resort to unfair and deceptive practices in order to mitigate their responsibility to pay your benefits. …

What Do You Do When The Insurance Company Denies Your Personal Injury Claim?

Your insurance company owes you a duty to act in good faith. This duty is the premise of the whole contractual relationship and needs to be upheld when your insurance company denies your personal injury claim. Although your insurance company can deny your personal injury claim, in good faith, for any number of legitimate reasons, you as the insured have the right to contest this denial if you feel it is unreasonable.
If you feel your insurance company has acted in bad faith or their reasons for denying your claim are unreasonable, …