Brain Injury Compensation Claims

Even if you have comprehensive insurance coverage to protect you in the event of a brain injury or illness, your long-term disability claim can still be denied for a number of reasons. Sometimes, those reasons are unjustified and inexplicable. In situations like this, it’s important not to get discouraged. If your brain injury disability claim has been denied for any reason by your insurance company, the personal injury lawyers at Mirian Law Firm can help you bring a lawsuit or appeal your case.

We’ve handled brain injury disability cases in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, and we know we can help you, too.

What Should You Do If Your Brain Injury Disability Claim Has Been Denied?

During this difficult time, it’s easy to allow yourself to become overwhelmed by the stress of the situation. However, you should know that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Denied brain injury disability claims in a long-term disability denial can be appealed, or a lawsuit can be filed. In a tort action, a lawsuit can also be filed. That means you still have a chance to fight for your rights and receive the rightful compensation you deserve and need. Of course, the process can be extremely complex, depending on the nuances of your case.

Hiring a law firm to handle your brain injury disability lawsuit may be the right decision. At Mirian Law Firm, our team of lawyers has many years of experience working within Ontario’s legal system. We can help you fill out all of the proper paperwork accurately and efficiently to minimize the chances of mistakes being made.

We’ll also help you and your family have all of the necessary resources to file a complete appeal if your brain injury disability claim has been denied.

Why Was Your Brain Injury Long Term Disability Claim Denied?

As mentioned, there are a number of reasons why your insurance company might deny your brain injury disability claim. Most commonly, insurance companies have very specific guidelines and definitions for what qualifies as a disability. These guidelines and definitions can vary from one company to another and even from one policy to another.

Sometimes, certain types of accidents or brain injuries might not be fully covered by your policy. In order to make a brain injury disability claim, you need to be able to prove that you were physically or mentally injured enough to prevent you from working. Unfortunately, this is often a lot easier said than done. Sometimes, even the circumstances of your injuries can also come into play.

For instance, if you were severely injured in your downtime and will have to take an extended period of time off of work, then your insurance company may reserve the right to deny your disability claim.

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