Manulife Insurance Claim Denials

Has Manulife denied your short- or long-term disability claim? Mirian disability insurance attorneys can help you figure out what went wrong and how to get the benefits you deserve.

Many employers offer disability insurance options for their employees. It’s meant to provide for them if they become injured or ill and are unable to work.

Employees and other individuals can pay into short-term and long-term disability insurance policies so that, if they are unable to work, they can collect cash benefits as replacement wages until they can return to work.

Sounds great, right? The concept is great, and many people are able to obtain these benefits and provide for themselves and their families while they’re recovering from a short- or long-term disability.

Unfortunately, some insurance companies like Manulife will give claimants a hard time. They may deny your claim, even though you have a right to receive the benefits you’ve been paying for. If Manulife has denied your disability insurance claim, that’s when it’s time to contact our Ontario disability lawyers.

Manulife Disability Benefits You’re Entitled To

If you’ve been paying into a short- or long-term disability insurance policy with Manulife, or if your employer has provided such a policy, then you likely already have an idea of the benefits you can receive.

When you’ve been injured or become ill, causing a temporary disability, you should qualify to obtain short-term disability benefits. Cash payments are meant to replace missed wages. (There are caps on what you can receive, however.) How much you receive will depend on the options you choose when signing up for the policy.

Long-term disability works in a similar way, with policies varying depending on your employer and coverage limits.

What to Do if Manulife Has Denied Your Disability Coverage

You’ve been paying your premiums like clockwork—the insurance coverage probably comes directly out of your paycheck—so why are you being denied Manulife disability coverage when you need it?

Insurance companies want to make money—it’s as simple as that. They’ll deny as many claims as they can, and their reasons aren’t always solid. They may deny you for small matters, such as incorrect or missing paperwork, and they will also reject a claim if they decide your injury or illness hasn’t been adequately proven.

But you can avoid a denial or get help fighting one by contacting a lawyer who can handle Manulife disability denials.

Let Us Fight for Your Manulife Disability Benefits

No one wants to deal with a disability claim denial. The thought of missing out on disability benefits you need is stressful and scary. That’s why it’s helpful to obtain legal assistance from the lawyers at Mirian Law Firm. We handle disability claim denials all the time, and we can handle yours, too.

To speak with a lawyer for Manulife disability denial, call us at 647-556-5888 or fill out our online contact form. Tell us about your denial in a free consultation, and we can put together a plan for how to address the situation.