Desjardins Long & Short Term Disability Lawyers

Massive companies like Desjardins think they can deny deserving disability claimants and get away with it. Don’t prove them right—contact Mirian Law Firm attorneys for Desjardins disability denials.

If you have disability insurance through your employer, there’s a good chance you signed up for a policy with Desjardins. One of the largest disability insurers in North America, Desjardins offers benefits packages to employers, who then offer them to you.

These benefits packages give you the option of choosing short-term or long-term disability insurance. This is meant to protect your financial status in the event that you are injured or become ill and are unable to work for a period of time.

Unfortunately, in recent years, Desjardins has become notorious for wrongful denials and making it more and more challenging for claimants who have paid their premiums to obtain the benefits they’re entitled to.

Common Reasons Desjardins Denies Claims

Every insurance company has the authority to deny claims if it has a valid reason for doing so. Usually, claims are denied because there was an error in filing paperwork, the insurer thinks you are exaggerating the severity of your condition, or because you failed to disclose a pre-existing condition to the insurance company when you initially purchased the policy.

However, it has recently come to light that Desjardins often denies deserving claimants their benefits. Desjardins does this because, as a for-profit company, every time it pays out on a claim, it loses money. It’s an unscrupulous business practice. People relying on these benefits keep the insurer in business, and they need and deserve their benefits when their source of income is taken from them.

Desjardins has been known to engage in tactics like telling claimants it will get back in touch with them only to never call, harassing claimants with repeated questions about the nature of their illnesses and injuries, and ignoring and failing to acknowledge pertinent medical documentation to support claimants’ cases. That’s not to mention claimants’ reports of insurance adjusters who were unfairly rude or unkind and made understanding the claim process incredibly difficult.

We Will Fight for Your Benefits

It is highly probable that if you have a disability insurance policy with Desjardins and file a claim, you’ll be denied. If you haven’t done so already, that’s the point when you will likely want to reach out to a knowledgeable disability insurance lawyer who is well-versed in the tactics Desjardins uses to deny the claims of deserving policyholders.

Desjardins is known for not responding to claimants who file appeals on their own. Each denial letter states that you will have thirty days to file an appeal. Then, when you file your appeal quickly, you never hear back from the company and eventually give up. This is what Desjardins is counting on.

Your disability denial lawyers at Mirian Law Firm will fight for your benefits, and we are well-prepared to bring your case to court if need be. There, we will fight for what you’re owed and work to expose Desjardins for what it really is: a money-hungry insurer with little regard for the policyholders who keep the company in business.

Win Desjardins Disability Claims with Us

If you purchased a disability insurance policy with Desjardins and have been trying and failing to obtain the disability benefits you deserve, an experienced lawyer at our firm can help you.

At Mirian Law Firm, we are passionate about helping our clients secure the funds they need to support themselves while they are unable to earn a living. Contact our lawyers for Desjardins disability denial by calling 647-556-5888 or filling out the contact form. Schedule a free claim assessment with a member of our team today.