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When involved in a car accident, and it is determined that it is not your fault, and you have been seriously injured as a result of that accident, you may have a right to sue the person who caused the accident. You may be able to seek compensation based on your pain and suffering, out-of-pocket costs associated with the pain and suffering, loss of income or earning potential, and other factors. Our car crash injury lawyers can help in such situations.


A car accident lawyer is a personal injury legal expert who has experience handling all types of auto accident cases, including:


In Ontario, where a person is injured by a motor vehicle, they may be entitled to medical and economic benefits regardless of fault. Your entitlement to benefits varies based on the seriousness of your injury from your own automotive insurance provider. Minor injuries are typically entitled to up to $3,500 of benefits, non-minor up to $65,000, and catastrophic impairments may be entitled to up to $1,000,000 of coverage.

Furthermore, you may be entitled to income loss replacement benefits, non-earner benefits, or caregiver benefits depending on your employment status and other factors such as length of employment, age, and if you have dependents.


Getting hurt in an auto collision is a traumatic experience that’s bound to leave you unsure of what to do next.

We’ve answered a few common questions below, but don’t hesitate to call our office so that you can speak with a car accident lawyer directly.


Our car accident lawyers are here to help you recover all of the damages you are owed by the at-fault party who caused your motor vehicle accident. Don’t let an insurance company leave you stuck with an inadequate settlement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your personal injury lawyer might be able to obtain cell phone records for the other driver’s service provider. These records might indicate whether a text was sent or the phone was otherwise in use in the minutes leading up to the wreck.

Yes! Car accidents often cause delayed injuries that don’t manifest symptoms immediately. This is especially true when the injuries involve the brain, back, or neck. By seeing a doctor immediately after the accident, you can start receiving treatment sooner and show that you took your health seriously.

Ontario provides a statute of limitations of two years to seek damages for a car accident. This time limit starts on the date of the collision—the date you were injured. If you wait longer than two years, you will lose your right to seek financial compensation.