Broken & Fractured Bones Injury Lawyers

For the most part, bones are pretty resilient and can heal quickly when broken or fractured in an accident. In fact, that’s exactly what your insurance company is banking on. However, some broken bone injuries can be more serious than others.

The recovery process isn’t always as quick and easy as you might like it to be. You might be forced to take an extended leave of absence from work to allow yourself more time to heal, and even that might not be enough. At Mirian Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers have seen firsthand just how much a serious broken bone or fracture can impact the lives of our clients.

It starts with receiving appropriate medical treatment, but in some cases, the injured parties may need to be bedridden for weeks or months. Even worse, we’ve seen cases where it’s almost impossible for the client to recover fully and is forced to live with a physical disability for the rest of their life.

Types of Broken Bones and Fractures

As mentioned, bones are fairly rigid and can usually withstand a great deal of pressure and pain. But that doesn’t mean they’re totally immune to fractures. With the right amount of pressure or force, even your bones have a tendency to break.

There are two main types of bone fractures: open and closed.

Open Fractures

Open fractures occur when your bones are bent so far out of shape due to the massive force that they snap and break through the skin. This is a particularly serious injury because it requires mending the broken bone as well as treating the open wound to prevent infection and further injury.

Closed Fractures

Closed fractures occur when the bone breaks under immense pressure without breaking through the skin. Although these injuries vary in severity, they should still be treated as quickly as possible.

Other types of broken bones and fractures include:

  • Comminuted fracture (when the bone breaks into more than two pieces; this is usually caused by extremely traumatic incidents such as car accidents)
  • Compound fracture (when a piece of broken bone pierces right through the skin and causes risk of infection)
  • Stable fracture (a slight misalignment of the bones that can be treated with a cast; no realignment is required)
  • Unstable fracture (when the bones are so far out of place that they need to be physically realigned)
  • Transverse fracture (when the fracture occurs in a horizontal line)
  • Oblique fracture (fracture that occurs at an angle)

Broken bones and fractures are typically the results of substantial bodily harm that can lead to a lifetime of physical, emotional, and psychological trauma as a direct result.

Broken Bones & Fracture Claims

It can be challenging to piece your life back together after suffering a personal injury, especially one that requires long-term bed rest, treatment, and financial support.

The personal injury lawyers at Mirian Law Firm understand that you’re in a tough position and need legal assistance to pursue your bone fracture compensation lawsuit against the at-fault individual(s). We’re here to listen to your needs and help in any way we can. Book your free case assessment today to learn more.