Sun Life Insurance Claim Denials

A denial of your Sun Life disability benefits can be devastating, but a qualified disability insurance lawyer at our firm can help you claim what’s yours.

When you purchased your Sun Life disability insurance plan, you probably thought it was safe to assume that if you fell ill or became injured, you’d be protected while you recovered. It often comes as a surprise to deserving claimants that many claims for disability benefits are initially denied.

This is in part due to the insurance company’s desire to reduce the amount it will be required to pay because of your claim. For more information about how to get approved or fight a denial, contact Mirian Law Firm to speak with a lawyer for Sun Life disability denials in Ontario.

Criteria for Eligibility

To qualify for Sun Life disability benefits, you must have medical documentation from your physician that states that you are temporarily or permanently unable to return to work due to an unforeseen medical condition that has rendered you disabled.

You may need to be working for a certain number of hours each week and have been with the company for a minimum amount of time before your claim can be approved; it will depend on both the requirements of your employer and which insurance plan you’ve purchased—short-term disability insurance (STD) or long-term disability (LTD).

Your Disability Benefits Once Approved

After you’ve submitted a claim to Sun Life for your injury or illness, your claim will either be approved or denied. If approved, you’ll begin collecting benefits from the day after you were diagnosed as disabled. The limitations of each plan are different and will vary based on what coverages you decide to include in your plan.

With an LTD claim, you’ll likely need to use up all of your STD benefits, as well as any sick time you have left at work before you’ll be approved. LTD benefits are for those who are expected to need financial support for more than six months. Benefits will be paid to you via check or direct deposit, usually at the beginning of each month.

Fighting the Denial

If your claim for Sun Life disability benefits has been denied, despite the fact that you have provided all of the necessary paperwork and supporting medical documentation and met the eligibility requirements, you and your lawyer may need to move forward with an appeal.

We’ll begin by attempting to negotiate with the insurance adjuster to determine the real reason behind your denial and see what we can do to reverse the decision. If Sun Life maintains that you are undeserving of the benefits you’ve purchased, we have the option of bringing the insurer to court.

Claim Your Disability Denials with Our Legal Help

To have questions about your Sun Life disability insurance claim answered or for assistance with fighting a wrongful denial, reach out to Mirian Law Firm today. You can speak with any of our lawyers by filling out the contact form or by giving our office a call at 647-556-5888.