Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Statistically speaking, motorcyclists are far more likely to suffer serious, life-threatening, or fatal injuries when involved in an accident on the road.

Many accidents happen on the 400-series highways while motorcyclists are attempting a lane change. Often, drivers of enclosed vehicles simply aren’t paying enough attention; they miscalculate the distance between their cars and the vehicles in front of them, or their visibility and reaction times are hindered due to high speeds and inclement weather.

Other factors that come into play when it comes to causing collisions include poor road designs, dangerous driving conditions, and inadequate safety equipment for the motorcyclist. Regardless of the severity of your injuries, victims of motorcycle accidents need the legal advice of a highly skilled personal injury lawyer on their side.

At Mirian Law Firm, our team of motorcycle accident solicitors will provide the legal representation you require to help you overcome this difficult time in your life.

What to Do After Being Injured in a Motorcycle Accident?

Similar to other types of personal injury cases, motorcycle accident claims can be complex because they require fact-based evidence and detailed documentation to help build and argue a strong legal case in court.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you receive the proper medical care you need to regain your strength and recover from your injuries as much as possible. Second, you need to prepare yourself for a potentially long and drawn-out legal battle.

When you’re involved in an accident with another party, facts can often get skewed, especially since everything can seem like a total blur while the accident is taking place. We’ll need to work on building your case one step at a time. Gathering information regarding lost wages, significant medical bills, and any changes that you’ve had to make to your lifestyle is instrumental to determining the amount of compensation to which you’re entitled.

We Claim Your Motorcycle Accident Compensation

As one of our clients, you can rest assured that we can assist you in your motorcycle accident injury case.  Located in the heart of Thornhill, Mirian Personal Injury Law Firm offers legal representation to clients who have recently suffered an injury in a motorcycle accident.

We have access to numerous resources such as top-tier engineers, accident reconstruction experts, and doctors who can help us put together a solid case for you that helps clearly show the implications of your accident. To learn more about how we can help, book your free case assessment!