How Do You Tell Your Insurance Benefits Are Being Unfairly Denied?

If your insurance company denies your benefits, do not automatically assume they have done so correctly and fairly. Insurance companies often unfairly deny benefits claims in order to protect and bolster their profits. At the end of the day, an insurance company’s first priority is turning a profit. Insurance companies have been known to resort to unfair and deceptive practices in order to mitigate their responsibility to pay your benefits.

The following are examples of when your insurance company may be unfairly denying your benefits:

  • If the insurer denies your claim without providing any explanation as to why you weren’t given benefits
  • If there was an unusual delay in the claim decision
  • If the insurance company requested an unnecessary amount of documentation or information during the deliberation process
  • If the insurer refused to speak with you throughout the deliberation process
  • If the insurance company suggested that you avoid speaking with an attorney during the deliberation process
  • If the insurer fails to disclose the terms of your policy
  • If the insurance company terminates your policy without notice or cause
  • If the insurance company changes your policy guidelines or disability requirements
  • If the insurer claims, you do not meet policy standards for disability

Proceed with caution if you suspect you were the victim of unfair treatment. Maintain records of all communication with the insurance company and be careful in what you say to company representatives. Do not become argumentative or level accusations against the company. Instead, ask a disability lawyer to assess the details of your claim.