Personal Injury Incidents: How Are Damages Calculated?

Being involved in a personal injury incident and its aftermath is very stressful for all parties. The litigation that follows is never fun but is absolutely necessary for a fair resolution to the problem. Often, when someone is injured, they are entitled to damages. The court tries to compensate the person for all damages and losses. Determining how those damages are calculated can be quite difficult, but there is a reason to the rhyme. Here is how most damages are computed.

First Steps

The most cut and dry aspects of computation for personal injury damages are medical bills. The court will often award the plaintiff with coverage of all medical bills related to the injury. This applies to not just immediate costs but future medical bills that the person will incur.

Next, the court will calculate the loss of earnings from the injury. Many people lose out on paychecks due to an injury that was not their fault. This is taken into account and awarded accordingly to the plaintiff. In the unfortunate case of a permanent injury, damages are rewarded through retirement.

In the cases where the person does not have a long history of employment, as is often the case with younger people, the court will take into account probable earning potential.

What Else You Need to Know

Damages are often more than monetary figures. Sadly, an accident can do more than physical damage. If you have been put through the anguish, or suffer from other problems after the accident, these are almost always compensated. Loss of enjoyment in life, depression and anxiety are often suffered by those people unfortunate enough to be involved.

In the end, the court will award you the damages in a lump sum and may discount it based on the assumed interest that can accrue on the money. The unfortunate sufferer of a personal injury is entitled to damages for good reason. Loss of income and quality of life, on top of all of the medical bills, adds up very quickly.

The process of personal injury litigation can be quite difficult to decipher at times, and that is why it is best to turn to the professionals. We can help take care of all of your personal injury needs. Contact Mirian Law Firm today to find out more about how you can be compensated for your injuries.