How the Canadian Federal Express Entry Program Works

Canada is one of the world’s safest, most progressive and prosperous nations. This makes us one of the most popular destinations for immigrants on the planet. In order to manage the flood of incoming applications, the federal government introduced an express entry program: a fast track for qualified migrants to gain permanent residence. If you qualify based on the set criteria, then you will be invited to apply for residency. This program has provided a way for thousands of skilled migrants to quickly get their applications in. …

Personal Injury Incidents: How Are Damages Calculated?

Being involved in a personal injury incident and its aftermath is very stressful for all parties. The litigation that follows is never fun but is absolutely necessary for a fair resolution to the problem. Often, when someone is injured, they are entitled to damages. The court tries to compensate the person for all damages and losses. Determining how those damages are calculated can be quite difficult, but there is a reason to the rhyme. …

The 5 Most Common Auto Accidents in Canada

Approximately 160,000 car accidents are reported in Canada annually, including many fatal accidents. While driving in Canada seems to be much safer than driving in other countries (even the United States), there are still a wide variety of risks associated with driving. No matter where you’re located, you still must be aware of the risks of personal injury in a motor vehicle accident.
There are five accidents that happen much more often than other types of accidents in most automotive accident situations:

  1. Low Speed/ Glancing Impacts

Car accidents happen at all speeds, …

Things To Consider Before Pursuing Action For A Dog Bite Injury

While dogs are often labelled as man’s best friend, it’s unfortunately not always the case. Some dogs can be vicious and pose threats to the safety of people, while others may act out and bite an individual due to unforeseen circumstances or stress.
Regardless of why a dog bites, it’s crucial that the victim understands their rights before choosing to pursue legal action for a dog bite.
When a person is bitten, they need to seek medical care right away. …

The Importance Of Pursuing Action In A Slip And Fall Accident

If you’ve ever been involved in a slip and fall accident, then you’ve probably wondered if it was worth pursuing action in court if you were injured as a result of it. Although most people are inclined to say no, the answer should always be yes.
Although slipping and falling may not seem like a big deal at the time, there can be serious consequences from it. While many people only consider taking action if they’ve broken bones, …

8 Steps to Take When Injured

Following an accident, it can be confusing to know which steps to take. We have provided this handy guide to help you successfully navigate this difficult period.